Banquet or Buffet, expect the unexpected!

Neat! This catering service is all you can eat? You are almost right!
The FoodPunks buffet formula is the cream of the crop. We go beyond the expected

On the menu:
• Beef and rocket salad with cherry tomato confit, anchovy dressing and Parmesan cheese
• Burrata and braised leek, asparagus, mustard dressing and crispy bread crumbs
• Grilled eggplants and saffron yoghurt
• Slow cooked salmon with spicy sea salt and tarator
• Vitello tonnato
• Tomato salad with fresh herbs and mascarpone
• Fish and seafood zarzuela
• Oven baked crispy chicken, tomato and mozzarella
• Fennel and free-range pork stew
• FoodPunks’ unmatched creamy meatballs with bacon and dill
• Stuffed Portobello mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and Taleggio cheese
• Mashed potatoes with a spring onion and mustard twist

Minimum of 50 people / €35.00 a person
With homemade sweets: + €7.50
Over the top dessert table: + €15.00
Welcome reception ? Check our FoodPunks Happy Gatherings !
We serve for 2 hours


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